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Your Trusted Advisor: Jean Pomeroy


Why Choose Jean Pomeroy?

Jean Pomeroy, Associate Broker

  • Licensed Arizona Realtor since 1998
  • Broker Licensed since 2002
  • Award Winning Agent

I understand Arizona Real Estate and represent my clients appropriately. I pride myself of being a Trusted Adviser to my clients to help them make an informed decision on their transaction. I am a skilled negotiator which is hard to find as it is not taught in Real Estate school. Imagine that! I have trained dozen of Valley agents and am looked up to by my peers. I work with honesty and integrity and do my best to make what can be a stressful time into a fun transition. Many of my clients become personal friends as I don't work with just anyone. Call me today and let me buy you coffee to see if we would be a good fit for a successful real estate transaction. 

Core Values

Operating from a specific set of core values ensures a focus on what's important - and that is being of service and making a difference for individuals and communities.

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